R35 GT-R @ M-Workz

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Anyhow, so earlier today Tyler, Kevin (from Cosworth UK), and I went to visit Steve at M-Workz since he was putting two R35 GT-Rs back together that just arrived from JDM land. It was good to be able to check out the R35 chassis and VR38 engine in detail. Sean and Steve drove the R35 around, but we played support car in the Mustang rental car.
There’s Steve pumping some 91 octane shit gas in and Sean making some “adjustments” in the middle of Compton. Yes, the Compton that NWA is from.

Black looks really good on the road. Definitely better than silver. Too bad 60% of the cars will be brought into the US with a $3000 silver paint option. There better be some fucking gold in that silver paint.

Here is the engine from the white R35 that has yet to be installed.

The transaxle is absolutely huge. It just looks buff for a production car.

IHI turbos with integral exhaust manifolds. The CHRA looks very standard IHI. I bet you could machine the turbine housing and drop in two VF23s from an early GC8 STi for a solid 650whp.

Even the outlet flange looks like a Subaru VF at first glance.

Is that packaging or what? The smaller the packaging, the stiffer they can make the chassis.

Here you can see that each runner has a pseudo velocity stack and the runners are huge in diameter. The plenums might be difficult to improve on for a mild power application.

Pseudo mil-spec twist lock connectors on the transmission. Cool shit.

A water cooler for the transmission fluid.

Once you remove the bullshit coolant tubes in front, it could be a pretty damn good looking engine – even better with a Cosworth plenum on it.

Here’s the Cosworth VQ35 plenum dwarfed by the stock one. It’s time for Cosworth to design one for the VR38.

There is a lot of attention to detail with airflow. There are even flow diverters in the oil cooler duct. The intercoolers are well ducted and the radiator shroud even has a series of trap doors.

You no longer get a bitchin GT-R key like the 32/33/34s. This is the identical key fob that the M45 has except that it says GTR on it.

In the passenger floor board, you can stash your weed, crack, E, and alcohol from the cops.

Each shock tower has a die cast aluminum plate that is bonded to the rest of the chassis. Nissan wasn’t messing around with chassis ridigity.

All that cool shit, but a big heavy steel front subframe? GAY! Nissan jacked up here…

All in all, this car seems to be worth every penny of the $69,xxx sticker price. The details alone make it worth FAR more than any non turbo Porsche Carrera. We’ll just have to wait until the ballers buy them all up at a premium before the greedy ass dealerships sell them at a reasonable price. The R35 should be exciting.

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