Sprint Car

Have you ever checked out a Sprint car up close? Over at M-Workz, there’s a team that rents some space so I walked over and checked out the car. The driving position is just like you’re driving a bus. The steering wheel is nearly horizontal. There might as well be a knob on the wheel like a bus. An alcohol burning V-8 with a driveshaft right in between your legs and right up against your nuts is pretty serious business. The car probably weighs around 1000 pounds. Don’t forget that the Sprint car guys INVENTED drifting. Don’t think for a second that your hero, the Drift King invented shit.
Probably one of the simplest forms of the race car. It isn’t modern by any means – if you look at a sprint car from 30 years ago, it does not look much different.

There’s Kevin from Cosworth UK trippin out on the Sprint car. Its quite a departure from F1 that he is probably used to. Check out the steering and suspension (or lack thereof).

Torsion bars! One rod steering! This thing must be seriously fun to drive. Those vertical rods are there for setup. Shocks are used on the track. A lot of the suspension is in the tire and you steer with the throttle. I wouldn’t mind trying it out for a lap or two.

This brings a new meaning to feeling the power between your legs when the driveshaft is inches from your nuts.

Here you can see how the tires don’t really have any plys or much sidewall strength. I think the tire and your air pressure setting is huge part of your suspension setup. You can dig your fignernails right into the rubber too they’re so soft.

I know a lot of people make fun of Sprint cars and call the drivers rednecks, but this shit looks fun to drive. Build a drift S13 for $30k or one of these for $20k? I think the Sprint car might be the funner car to drive if you take away the whole JDM trend of drifting. Props to the Sprint car guys.

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