Race Queens

It’s time for a break from all the serious car talk and check out some females. In Asia, every race team has campaign girls and these girls have been called “Race Queens”. Personally, I think that most of them should NOT be called queens because they are definitely NOT fit for a king, but some of them are pretty smoking hot. We will examine some of the latter examples here today. To me, a true race queen has to have a pleasant/pretty face and a bangin’ body. I don’t dig the super cute or pretty ones with no body. If you’re going to be a race queen, you better look like a queen. At the same time, you have to remember the girls from Asia have minimal ass so you’ll have to let them slide a bit. I guess ass isn’t everything.




rq20.jpgrq19.jpgrq18.jpgrq17.jpgrq16.jpg <--This last one is my favorite. At races, you can cruise the paddocks if you have a pit pass and it’s like a giant meet and greet where you can talk to the drivers and race queens. Many Otaku dudes go crazy with two or three cameras taking a million pictures of the girls. It’s almost scary watching these psychos. Anyhow, there are a million sites dedicated to race queens. If you dig ’em, google ’em. Enjoy.

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