Hahah…you pervs seemed to have liked my last post of race queens. The page views went through the roof! To be honest though, I found myself visiting my own blog to check out the pics once in a while. Damn, some of them are fine. I’ll dig through my stack of pics of when I was a JGTC GT300 tire boy/slave for the Apex SW20 MR-2 back in 1998 for two races. I cruised around and took pics of the hot race queens, but maybe they won’t seem so hot anymore. Hair, makeup, and fashion was a bit different 10 years ago. If they are any good, I’ll scan them and post them up.

Redline Magazine in the UK ran a small spread on XS Engineering. Although I do not actually work there anymore, I cannot help still being involved sometimes since I am a founder. It’s kind of like watching your baby grow up. I’m still over there sometimes working either on my own projects or on the time attack BNR32 GT-R in my free time. When they have a cool ass car to tune, I will still stop by and help out. I guess you could say that I still work with XS in a consulting capacity. I think I will tell them to start a clothing line called “XSUK”. It looks kind of kool bekause the open ends of the “X” and the “K” look like the same inverted letter at first glance. We will take out the French Connection (FCUK). In a consulting capacity, I probably should tell them to start a clothing line because of all the stupid fucking chinaman copying shit and the internet tuning for $49 (what a fucking joke BTW). Mapping your ECU for $49? That’s another blog post… Thanks to Ben at GTC in the UK for sending me:

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