Russian Mob

Here in America after you watch James Bond movies or Vin Diesel in XXX, you think of Russia being run by the mob, mafia, gangsters, or some other form of organized crime after the fall of the Soviet Union. I didn’t realize it at the time, but when Kirill from Maxi Tuning magazine in Russia asked me to comment on a 3000GT/GTO that they were featuring in the magazine, I gave him my honest opinions of the car. What I realized afterwards was that perhaps the owner of the car was in the Russian mob or something like that. While the car is on the right track to greatness, it still needed some refinements and different parts. So I constructively criticized the car as if I were hired to redo the entire car so perhaps the owner didn’t want to hear all the things I had to say. Oh well, hopefully the mob won’t hunt me down should I ever visit Russia. I hear the Russian tuning market is growing quite rapidly which is good. There’s plenty of mob money needed to purchase high quality parts and services since the rest of the tuning world is being infiltrated by the evil country we call China.

I wish I could read Russian.

Here’s the engine bay of the GTO I analyzed. Not too bad, but it could use some different parts.

Now if I could only collect royalties every time I were quoted, published, or on TV, I wouldn’t need to win the lottery. Too bad I don’t collect any…

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