Radium Engineering & Fuel Safe Deliver Ultimate Fuel Cell and Surge Tank Combo

Radium Engineering & Fuel Safe Deliver Ultimate Fuel Cell and Surge Tank Combo

Racers can now order Fuel Safe fuel cells pre-assembled with Radium fuel cell surge tank. 


A joint collaboration between Radium Engineering and Fuel Safe® has produced a full line of Radium Fuel Cell Surge Tank equipped fuel cells. Customers can order their complete fuel cell system with Fuel Cell Surge Tank (FCST) from Radium's website. Assembly is completed at Fuel Safe's headquarters in Redmond, OR prior to shipping. The Fuel Cell and Surge Tank assembly is turnkey and ready to install.
With a rich history extending over 30 years, Fuel Safe is an established leader in fuel bladder technology in all forms of motorsports, aviation and military applications. “We are very excited for the opportunity to supply our customers with the best Fuel Cell Surge Tanks already installed in what we consider the best fuel cell technology on the market,” stated Radium Engineering's Aaron Suchy. “Fuel Safe is synonymous with performance and safety, and we are confident that all of our customers will benefit from this effort between our companies.”


Radium Engineering's Fuel Cell Surge Tank (FCST) is the only drop-in surge tank system designed specifically for use in EFI vehicles with competition fuel cells. The FCST is the first of its kind to feature a true dual-chamber fuel tank utilizing a single lift pump and up to three surge tank pumps, all in a compact drop-in package.
Customers can choose their fuel cell and FCST combination through Radium's website. Radium-spec fuel cells are available with a choice of four different bladder types (including FIA-FT3 certified bladders), in 10 to 22 gallon capacities to accommodate everything from road racing to off road desert racing. All Radium-spec fuel cells feature a lightweight, corrosion-resistant, black powder-coated aluminum can with Radium logos, and anti-slosh foam inside the bladder to optimize fuel collection of the lift pump. All fuel cells and FCSTs are manufactured and assembled in the USA.



The FCST is ideal is ideal when racing regulations requires all fuel components to be enclosed in a fuel cell or when limited space is available. The Radium FCST uses a lift pump to transfer fuel from the main fuel cell chamber into the integrated 2.2L surge tank that ensures reliable fuel flow under virtually any condition. Once filled, passages in the underside of the FCST fill plate allow excess fuel to overflow back into the main fuel cell chamber. Up to three internal 39mm-style fuel pumps can be used inside the FCST to supply the engine with high pressure fuel. Each pump has dedicated wiring through a bulkhead connector, as well as a dedicated -6AN output port.

Radium Engineering offers several optional accessories that add performance and safety to FCST-equipped fuel cells. These products will be installed by the pros at Fuel Safe prior to delivery if ordered with a Radium-spec fuel cell.
For the ultimate protection against fuel starvation, Radium's In-Tank Fuel Collector Box (sold separately) can be added to the FCST. Three check valves in the fuel collector box serve as trap doors, keeping fuel contained in the box no matter what direction the vehicle is shifting.
Radium offers a Fuel Cell Fill Neck (sold separately) that can serve either as a remote-fill connection with the rollover flapper valve, or as a direct fill point using a screw-on cap.
Radium's -8AN roll over valve fitting is used for tank venting and roll over protection in the case of an accident. It is manufactured from billet 6061 aluminum, uses a 3/4″ (19mm) hole for 3/4″-16 threads, is anodized type-II black with a stainless steel ball and includes two sealing washers.




  • Order FCST-equipped Fuel Cell from Radium and have it assembled and shipped!
  • Drop-in solution to prevent fuel starvation on fuel cell equipped vehicles
  • Perfect upgrade for vehicles with fuel cells and high power demands that require increased fuel flow.
  • Compatible with Ethanol & Methanol (depending on bladder type) and all types of gasoline
  • Lightweight powder coated aluminum outer can and stainless hardware for added corrosion resistance
  • Made in USA 
  • For more information, email info@radiumauto.com.


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About Radium Engineering    

Radium Engineering is located in Clackamas, Oregon. The company designs and manufactures innovative universal performance solutions including fuel surge tanks, catch cans and fuel pressure regulators, and application specific performance solutions ranging from fuel delivery to turbo systems. Radium-End Fuel Starvation. Made in USA.


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