Project Autocross BRZ: More Nameless Art

Project Autocross BRZ: More Nameless Art

by Bart Hockerman

We all know when Nameless Performance has an idea on how to increase the performance further on their designs they will put into motion a plan of attack and some awesome fab work.
They are pretty much the most aggressive company I have come across in my years of dealing with manufacturers across the spectrum. Improving upon their design is one thing they are allowed to do when building parts per your order. You the customer get the most current fabrication of the latest, greatest part they can make at that time.

With that said let me introduce one of the original Nameless 3 inch to 2.5inch catted and Helmlholtz resonated over/front pipe.


Yes it is a work of art that no Chinese knock off shop can rival.

The theory behind this beast involves the removal of the step for the 3 inch outlet on the Nameless Face Hugger 4-2-1 Stepped header. The matching 3 inch flange should allow better flow into the high flow cat and less restriction. While the addition of the Helmholtz resonator is set in place to change the note to a deeper less raspy tone. Finally the neck down to the 2.5 inch flange to meet up with the catback system allows the use of any standard aftermarket exhaust designed to mate up to the OEM BRZ/FR-S location on the car.

Here is the side by side comparison of the 2.5 inch to the 3 inch/2.5 inch over/front pipes. Honestly who wouldn’t want to remove the 3 inch to 2.5 inch bottleneck from your exhaust flow where the gases are trying to move quickly?

Installation of the new Nameless artwork was very smooth. It did require that the car go back up on the BendPak QuickJack portable lift. For the install you will be removing the aluminum skid plate, the lower tray attached to the bottom of the car under the transmission and unbolting the engine mount as you will need to lift the motor slightly to maneuver the over/front pipe into position. The key in its installation is to be patient and take your time as the 3inch diameter of the pipe does take bit bit to get in the exact position to fit into place. Once in place though you can tell that the Nameless crew put a lot of time and effort into the exact routing of this pipe to avoid contact interference with the subframe and chassis.


Back on the BendPak QuickJack pulling the skidplate.

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