Project Autocross BRZ: More Nameless Art


Connor snapping a shot of the engine bay during the warmup process.Guess that gold foil covered TRD box can’t hide anymore.

Result after a few pulls with the TRD airbox, Nameless 4-2-1 Stepped header, 3 inch/ 2.5inch over/front pipe with stock catback exhaust.

The first Dyno results looked good. Seeing the removal of the massive torque dip normally found in the BRZ/FR-S FA20 power band was great. Some may look at the number as being low but we aren’t here building a car for top end highest hp numbers possible. This car needs as much torque as we can find for pulling out of corners. The staff at King Motorsports thought that the numbers could also improve once a cat back exhaust was installed, most of the experts think that the factory muffler is the biggest choke point on the car once everything from the heads back has been opened up. After some discussion amongst Connor, the King Motorsports staff and I, we decided that we were going to pull the muffler to confirm some theories. Quick work was made of the installation the Nameless Performance Track Pipe. How much power was the stock muffler costing the car at this level of the build?

Drop some weight free up some WHP install a Nameless Performance Track Pipe! Caution loud noise may follow.

Installation of the Track Pipe while still strapped down was easier than it looked.

Time to prove some theories!

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