Project Autocross BRZ: More Nameless Art


The unfortunate part of this install is that there is really no good way to photograph how well this 3inch pipe fits.

Again trying to capture the fit. In this pic you can also see the infamous stamped cover that spurred the design of the Nameless FA20 cylinder head cover/oil leak delete kit.
The lasered mark of Nameless guarantees a quality Hand Made in the USA part.

Nameless Performance was also able to provide an updated solid base tune designed for the FaceHugger header for us to use after days of Dyno time with John Reed Racing. Upon completion of this install via Ecutek I figured what better way to give it a small test than send it to the local easy access dyno at King Motorsports Unlimited. On arrival it turned out that MotoIQ contributor, Photojournalist and Detailer Extraordinaire Connor Harrison happened to be hanging out working some magic on a Type R in the shop (Most of the following photos are to his credit).


Strapped down and time to see what it will do on a 65 degree day with 93 octane.

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