Radium Releases Fuel Rails for the R35 GT-R

Radium Releases Fuel Rails for the R35 GT-R

New year, new parts! Radium Engineering is officially announcing the release of several new products for the 2009+ Nissan R35 GT-R. First to be released are the new CNC machined fuel rails for the VR38DETT engine and accompanying plumbing kit.

More R35 GT-R parts will be detailed in future press releases

Fuel Rails for the Nissan VR38DETT

The Radium Engineering fuel rails for the VR38DETT are CNC machined from aluminum and anodized for compatibility with E85 and aesthetics. Each fuel rail features four large 8AN ORB ports, one at each end and two on the top.  The same fuel rail is used in each position. This fuel rail kit is compatible with the stock fuel injectors, or any aftermarket injector that has the same fitment. These fuel rails are perfect for even the highest horsepower R35 builds!

The top ports of the fuel rails are strategically positioned between the intake manifold runners. This allows clearance for ancillary devices, such as fuel pulse dampers and/or a pressure gauge/sensor.

The basic fuel rail kit includes the items in the photo below. Fittings/hoses/etc are sold separately as options on the fuel rail product page.  CLICK HERE to see the wide variety of adapter fittings Radium offers for 8AN ORB ports which are perfect for creating a custom setup.  


P/N: 20-0556-02

MSRP: $349.95


VR38DETT Fuel Rail Plumbing Kit

To accompany the VR38 fuel rails, Radium offers a comprehensive plumbing kit. This kit includes all parts necessary to create a high flow fuel system in the engine bay using the Radium fuel rails for the R35 GT-R. The system connects to the factory feed and return fuel piping.

Every fitting, hose and part required is included in the kit. A Radium high-flow adjustable pressure regulator is included along with two fuel pulse dampers and a fuel pressure gauge. The kit installs exactly as shown in the photo above.


P/N: 20-0556-PK

MSRP: $649.95

More information on this kit can be found on the fuel rail product page.


About Radium Engineering:

Radium Engineering is located in Clackamas, Oregon. The company designs and manufactures innovative universal and application specific performance solutions covering fuel delivery and more.  Radium Engineering’s entire product catalog can be seen at www.radiumauto.com.

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