Road Trip: Global Time Attack PRO-AM style.


As 12:00 rolled around the paddock looked like a Salvador Dali painting with shit melted everywhere, Reid's Corvette with its center exit exhaust had even done a fine job of melting his Whiteline License plate surround! Regardless, the hardcore suited up to head out on track and see if they could go faster. Eric and Tony would grid first and second based on their session two times and take to the track first. They were both very racy and watching Eric dial in the counter steer on the Porsche was awesome! This session would prove to allow most of the field to better their times. Both Eric and Tony would improve but the Evo could not catch the Porsche on this configuration. Eric would turn in a 1:51.628 in Unlimited RWD and Mr. Szirta (Szirta is a stunt driver that Tony SZIRKA brought in to be the rented wheelman) trailed just behind with a 1:53.759. Travis Barnes in the Snail WRX would also break the 2 minute barrier with a 1:58.370. In addition to the overall fastest time battle, Limited AWD was a scorcher with a classic WRX versus EVO battle! Markos Mylonas in the Snail WRX was doing everything in his power to close the gap against front runner Alex Lewandowski in his EVO. 

Global Time Attack Shift S3ctor Pro-Am Alex Lewandowski EVO IX JDM Factory
Global Time Attack Shift S3ctor Pro-Am Alex Lewandowski EVO IX JDM Factory
?The JDM Factory EVO IX of Alan Lewandowski. This car uses Toyo R888's of the 295 variety and a well sorted suspension setup to turn quick times. On the corn it makes just under 400HP through what I believe is an FP turbocharger. 

Markos gave it a hell of a run on his Continental Street tires but could not find the speed and went 2 off in a rally style blur of dust. He recovered the car and pitted with nothing hurt but his pride.  Little did anyone know that this session would be the last of the day! The heat was just too much and for the safety of the corner workers as well as the surface of the track they would cancel the remaining sessions for the day. One might think that this was disappointing to the competitors yet I heard zero complaints. Just like that GTA/Shift S3ctor Pro-Am Round 2 was in the books.


1st Place, #14, Tony Szirk(t)a, 1:53.759, UMS Tuning EVO
2nd Place, #24, Travis Barnes, 1:58.370, 2003 Snail Performance WRX
3rd Place, #32, Kyle Schick, 2:01.812, RaceCo Nissan GTR


1st Place, #22, Eric Oviatt, 1:51.628, HRG Porsche Boxter
2nd Place, #242, Reid Yoken, 2:19.917, C6 Chevrolet Corvette


1st Place, #9, Alex Lewandowski, 2:05.426, JDM Factory EVO IX
2nd Place, #555, Markos Mylonas, 2:06.399, Snail Performance/Forced Air Technoligies WRX
3rd Place, #412, Sally McNulty, 2:09.888, GrimmSpeed Subaru WRX 


1st Place, #9, Don Pastor, 2:01.181, E36 BMW M3
2nd Place #011, Yu Fei, 2:06.099, E92 BMW M3
3rd Place #959, Nick Richards, 2:07.614, GSR Autosport E36 BMW M3
4th Place #333, Jay Ronquillo / Paul Kuzma, 2:07.250, JDM Fresh Mazda Miata

Global Time Attack Shift S3ctor Pro-Am Ken Suen Sportcar Motion RSX Godspeed Project Engrish
?Your lone Limited FWD Competitor Ken Suen in his “Dark Knight” RSX. 300HP K24 + sorted suspension and aero make this car very quick. The fact that it's pilot weighs about 95lbs with safety gear keeps the power to weight ratio down! 


1st Place, #20, Ken Suen, 2:04.833, Sportcar Motion / Godspeed project Acura RSX


1st Place, #124, Taylor Wilson, 2:05.913, Subaru, Snail Performance / FAT



1st Place, #107, William Wattanawongkiri, 2:01.520, Nissan 240SX
2nd Place, #YH, Ron Chang/Yi Hung Ho, 2:07.451, Rolloface E92 M3
3rd Place, #729, Kevin Courtney, 2:07.741, Bobby Lane Racing Honda S2000
4th Place, #69, Michael Essa, 2:10.330, GSR Autosport Mercedes C63 AMG
5th Place, #15, Andrew Nier, 2:11.115, Ford Mustang GT



1st Place, #88, Michael Jantz, 2:09.461, Subaru STi


1st Place, #18, Jason Lee, 2:09.058, Godspeed Project Honda Civic

Global Time Attack Shift S3ctor Pro-Am JDM Fresh Jay Ronquillo Paul Kuzma
?Jay and Paul piloted and wrenched on the JDM Fresh Miata all weekend long… Here they are calling you out in 2014 as the pick up speed in the Miata. 

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