Road Trip: Red Bull Museum (Hangar 7)


 More cool ish:

The Flying Bulls Land Rover Defender.  


This is the suit and carbon fiber wing that radical stunt performer Felix Baumgartner wore to cross the Channel with no external drive. You know his name even more after his recent successful stunt, taking a pressurized balloon gondola up 24 miles and falling back down to Earth.  He flew at an amazing 834 miles per hour and took 4 minutes and 20 seconds to touch down.


This AlphaJet flight simulator is a much cooler version than whatever you can build at home!


The Cheever/Infiniti/Red Bull Indy cars definitely had some interesting graphics on them… Infiniti developed the winning V8 Indy engine using a variant of the Q45 engine.

Hangar 7 is well worth a visit. If you find yourself in Bavaria, it's a short trip on the Autobahn (depending on how heavy your throttle foot is) to the Red Bull Museum. It'd be even shorter if you can manage to sneak one of these babies out for the ride home!  Next time you pop open a can of Red Bull, remember it may give you wings, but don't jump without a parachute… 

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