Rolls Royce Retrospective Part 1: Introduction, Intrigue, and Quirks in Abundant Supply


A sort of finger extends from the front upright to give the spring/damper unit a place to mount, this is where the two pieces of the lower control arm meet. The factory spring/damper unit had a ball joint attached to the mounting nub to prevent bind. As it turns out if your ball joint falls out of the upright while driving to class you need a 2” wrench to screw it back in.


Overkill shock tower! The cap can be removed and the spring/damper unit pulled out through the top. Early models of Silver Shadow had the load leveling system extend to the front of the vehicle and some of these bolts were used to mount a hydraulic piston.


On the subject of load leveling, let’s talk about the brakes and hydraulic system. Rolls Royce actually licensed the oleopneumatic braking and load leveling system from Citro├źn and the high-pressure circuit is kept at pressure by twin camshaft actuated hydraulic pumps.


The “spheres” are bolted to the block and the braking force is applied and distributed by a hideous bundle of tubes. Here are the two accumulators (“spheres”) after being unbolted, you can also see in this photo the motor mount sandwich plate and the factory adapter that converts the Rolls bolt pattern to BOP. The adapter count would only increase from here.


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