Rolls Royce Retrospective Part 1: Introduction, Intrigue, and Quirks in Abundant Supply


To wrap up the design overview, let’s take a look at the rear suspension. I initially thought the car utilized full trailing arms, but upon further inspection, they’re actually massive semi-trailing arms. Because they’re so long, the suspension geometry doesn’t change very much as they travel. If you look closely you can see the factory limit strap just to the right of the bucket, a more plebian car would use the damper to prevent overtravel. The spring/damper mounting bucket is hung off the side of the arm and attached by four ¼” bolts, a weirdly non-overkill hardware choice for this car. Obviously this isn’t the stock spring/damper but pretend it’s older and crustier.

There’s a lot of this car that I can’t get to in this article so if you’re itching to find out how the modification process went over the years I’ve been working on it you’re in luck!


I’ll be making an update of how it sits right this moment so subscribe if you want to catch that one. Was I subtle? No? Let’s move on.

In the next installment(s) of this series I’ll get into a little more detail about each system and how I modified it and you’ll be able to approve or shake your head in disbelief. It’ll likely match my head shaking disbelief when I realized that every fastener on the car is fine thread imperial. Every. Single. One. There’s more weirdness to come so stay tuned readers, in the meantime I’ll be adding the smoke back into the Lucas electrics.


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