SCC Mag Top 10 Quarter Mile Times Part 2

Some corrections:

Sean sent me an email earlier today and mentioned that Sport Compact Car magazine actually left out a car they tested that belongs on the top 10 1/4 mile times list. It was the Motorex Blackbird BNR34 GT-R that turned a 12.3@112. Jensen and I built the Blackbird back in 2001 when we worked at Apexi. Right after tuning it at 4:30am, I took it home on the 55 South cruising at about 295km/h (180mph) with one hand on the steering wheel and the other hand on the shifter. The car was so quiet and stable, I was able to turn on the stereo and blast “Smack My Bitch Up” by Prodigy. I guess that C-West kit does work aerodynamically. I went from Orange to Irvine in 6 minutes that night. The Blackbird only made 430whp, but it was as stable as a boat. That puts the Blackbird at #7 on the Top 10 Quarter Mile Times List and knocks Calvin Wan’s FD off the list. That puts the LS1 powered RX7 last on the list: exactly where a domestic V8 powered FD belongs. V8 powered FDs are like a beautiful blond with perfect hips, ass, thighs, waist, but an A cup: something’s just not quite right. Regardless, positions 1,2, 4, and 7 are my claims to fame, but nobody really cares about a list of street cars 1/4 mile times. Race car times are more exciting.

Another correction Sean mentioned was that the #2 car on the top 10 list was not Big Bird, but it was a white BCNR33 that belonged to Lloyd. Apparently I tuned it on the 405 freeway one night since the XS was moving from Fullerton to Huntington Beach at the time. Sean’s memory is better than mine’s. Binge drinking isn’t good for you after all…

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