SCC Mag Top 10 Quarter Mile Times

I was flipping through some some car mags a couple months ago and I ran across this in the back of Sport Compact Car Magazine. I noticed that I worked on and tuned the cars in positions 1, 2, and 4 when I was at XS. While the acceleration times aren’t anything special by today’s standards, what is noteworthy is that these cars were all street cars and it was 4 or more years ago when the EVO was new and there was a lot less knowledge of the GT-Rs. The Motorex R33 GT-R was dubbed Big Bird. You might recognize the car from Fast & the Furious 1 and although it ran Pike’s Peak and Sean ran it and the drag strip a couple times, it wasn’t quite a street car or a properly prepared race car. It was just a R33 GT-R with a wack JDM bolt in cage, no license plate, no interior, and a bad yellow paint job. You can check out the Toda EVO here and the XS EVO here.

They did not include any of the cars from previous Ultimate Street Car Challenges, but if they did I think the Kim Johnson’s BNR34 GT-R would have been top on the list with a 11.13 sec. 1/4 mile @ 122mph, 0-60mph 3.1 sec. and lateral g at 1.07g. I don’t remember the rest of the car’s stats. We won the USCC in 2005 which was a whole lot of fun. If we ran the same car in 2006 and 2007, we probably would have won all three years in a row. Kim is still driving his car today. Aren’t properly built GT-Rs the best? The best damn poor man’s supercar in the world.

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