SEMA 2007 Las Vegas – Wack Shit

Finally SEMA is over. I’m so fucking tired of walking and my feet are sore as shit. It was a good show for Cosworth with a lot of people interested in our new products: VQ35DE intake plenum, new Miata supercharger, and our EJ25 oil control products. Anyhow, my next several posts will probably be about SEMA while its fresh in my head.

As the aftermarket grows in size, so does the SEMA show. More participants mean that there are more people building cars. Of course taste differs from person to person, but some of these cars are just on the wack tip. I respect other people’s taste, but these examples are excellent examples of wackness that I just had to comment on. These cars were on display in various areas inside and outside of the SEMA show.


Check out these dual chrome wiper blades (circa 1992 mexican Sentra style), dual hood scoops (the engine’s in the rear), and of course the “weapon” that looks like it came straight out of the movie “Blade”. This was a waste of a perfectly good Porsche.


Here we move on to the stock chrome wheels and the little chrome front spoiler/canard. There’s nothing wrong with chrome stockers, but this is inside of the SEMA show. I think SEMA should start a policing group to prevent cars like this from being displayed. It would keep the standard of cars higher.


More wack shit: notice the chrome door trim (pep boys/1994 mexican Sentra style), chrome trims in side the vent, strange chrome sticker scheme, 3 unequally sized high mounted NOS bottles (does not work properly), and of course the fucking awesome door handle that once again Wesley Snipes was using as a weapon in Blade.


Here’s a virtually stock 350z with the “orange kit”. Dude, this is 2007 – the body color trim, accent, and covers is way the fuck out. It was never in for me personally, but people were doing this in like 1999. Also notice the chrome wire loom that looks like the fake exhaust headers from an excalibur kit car.


This car was pretty clean actually, but I had to clown the DTM JDM exhaust tips. If any part of your car is classified by multiple styles, then there’s a good chance it’s wack. Some dudes rock these tips on their VIP style Celsiors (LS400), Aristos (GS300), and Presidents (Q45s) in Japan, but 1)this isn’t Japan, 2)this isn’t a VIP car and don’t give me the shit about that “sports luxury” pseudo trend, and 3)you will burn the fuck out of your leg if you walk by this car in a parking lot. Besides, even BMW guys don’t rock the DTM style tips anymore.


The Chinaman turbo company – FUCKING AWESOME!!! Would you every buy a turbo from a company that had a bunch of fake parts and these traditional Chinese ornaments? Shit, it’s already telling you the parts are cheap as shit. I probably shouldn’t ask this question because some dumb motherfuckers must be buying them since this company is here displaying (if you bought xs power, ss autochrome, megan racing junk then you are guilty). If this company is displaying at SEMA that’s because there’s a demand for their products. If it’s not you, then tell you friends to stop buying fake Chinese shit.


A fake T28 and fake T3/T04. Notice the 8 bladed straight bladed compressor wheel that Garrett hasn’t used in like 40 years. Also notice the multitude of aluminum bends from some unknown grade of aluminum.


Of course any Chinaman company wouldn’t be complete without the fake SR20 Greddy intake plenum. It so fucking shitty that it’s been polished down and then chromed. The chrome is all yellow too. I guess the “SAN”, SEMA’s Sema Action Network missed this fake part. SAN is this part of SEMA that campaigns that they give a shit about counterfeited parts. Oh well, I guess they missed this one since it was right under their nose.

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