SEMA 2010


Honda must really be pushing its new compact car, the CR-Z, with 12 in its booth!  Call it the largest CR-Z meet the Honda world has put together yet. 

Mugen CR-Z
The Mugen CR-Z is stocked with “sporty” floor mats which I’m assuming will improve your heel toe technique immensely.  I mean, what else do sporty floor mats do? 

If the Mugen equipped one is your style, mark your calendar.  Mugen plans to release just 300 accessory kits for this car (offered in all five colors) which includes a redesigned front fascia and grill, a gigantic rear spoiler, 17″ “XJ” aluminum wheels, black aluminum shift knob, and a billet aluminum oil filler cap.  Pricing will be revealed closer to the release date of Spring 2011. 

Honda CR-Z Hybrid R concept  Honda CR-Z Hybrid Racer concept

There were also two concepts, the CR-Z Hybrid R (above left) and CR-Z Racer (above right) models, neither vehicle yet intended for sale, though a CR-Z Hybrid R is rumored to be released in late Q1 of 2011 for the media to test drive.  MotoIQ volunteers to take it for a spin!  Both vehicles have 1.5L turbocharged engines and upgraded IMA hybrid systems making more than 200 horsepower.  The electric assist must be chosen by the driver using a button on the steering wheel rather than having it automatically kick in as is the case with most hybrids.  While they retain the stock six speed manual transmission, they are equipped with performance clutches, limited slip differentials, upgraded brakes and other suspension and aerodynamic components.  The Hybrid has upgraded suspension while the Racer is gutted and caged.  Two HPD CR-Z Racers will show their competence on the track at the 25 Hours of Thunderhill endurance race in December. 

Bisimoto Honda CR-Z
The Bisimoto CR-Z isn’t just loud on the exterior.  The whole setup is worth 533 horsepower and comes with a rear parachute to keep it from lauching into space.

There were also six CR-Z hybrid concept cars that Honda invited independent vehicle tuners to build and display but the most radical one was the Bisimoto CR-Z.  The stock 1.5L was rebuilt with higher compression Arias pistons and a Bisimoto valvetrain, with a 70mm custom throttle body pumping massive amounts of air into a Turbonetics turbo.  The intake and exhaust manifolds were reconfigured, a new exhaust system reduces backpressure, and you can become mesmerized staring into the massive front intercooler- it has more fins than shark infested waters.

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