SEMA 2010


More SEMA 2010 pics:

Lemons vehicle at SEMA
Rumor has it the owner of the Camaro show queen on the side of this car asked to be moved when he was instructed to park nearby.  He must have been intimidated by the fierceness of this 24 Hours of LeMons vehicle. 

The “Prickstine” is a 1987 BMW 325E built as a tribute to “Christine,” the 1958 Plymouth made famous in the Steven King movie by the same name.  Take it all in slowly.  Yep, those are foam bumpers covered in tin foil and silver tape, sheet metal rear fins, custom (er…homemade) skid plate, and Rustoleum paint.  It is also decorated (or held together) with about 100 zip ties and I’m not sure what the purpose of the little holes drilled sporadically in the trunk lid are but let’s just call it weight reduction.

Barbie's MustangBoss 302 Mustangs 
The Ford Mustang remains a staple vehicle at SEMA.  The pink chrome one on the left was created for boobies.  It is a collaboration between Creations n’ Chrome and the American Cancer Society to raise awareness for breast cancer. The GT convertible is equipped with a Vortech supercharger.  Ford also previewed the two matching Boss 302 Mustangs on the right.  The Boss 302 will come with a special key to use on track days.  This key changes the engine tune and enables a launch control system to be activated via the steering wheel. 


2010 sema show

Taking a cue from the drifting circuit, fluorescent wheels are hot!  If you don’t have the power to back up the look, stick to neutral metallics


Mercedes BenzToyota Sienna Swagger Wagon
Check out this Mercedes-Benz.  It uses a 2004 SL600 frame but the silhouette of a 1961 190SL.  The drivetrain has been upgraded with a Renntech performance package featuring an intake, better intercooler, and reprogrammed ECU on the twin-turbocharged V12 engine.

Toyota and B.A.D. Company partnered up to create the Swagger Wagon, stretching this Toyota Sienna 44 inches!  It has an acrylic roof, wood laminate flooring, shaved door handles, “Spa massage seat”, Corian countertop, fridge, computer, Xbox 360, and custom JBL surround system.  The 20″ chrome wheels and the airbag suspension accommodate between 2.5-6.5 inches of ground clearance.  I bet the 3.5L V6 could use some engine mods if you want to go a little faster than Top Gear’s Captain Slow piloting a Radio Flyer downhill. 




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