SEMA 2016: Nerd’s Eye View – Revolution Mini Works Project Mini



The compressor discharge tube goes to this intercooler which is ducted. On the other side is an oil cooler.
It’s a bit hard to see because I took a crappy picture, but the horizontal tube going across the rear of the car is multiple pieces. Do you see that recessed fastener? That’s where the tubes overlap to form the joint. The joint allows the rear wing to be removed as a complete assembly.
And here’s the rear wing and the rear removable tubular structure it’s mounted to.
Well, there’s the rear diff. Now if only the transmission could hold more power. Again, note how the various hoses are thermally protected.


So there you have it, maybe the coolest Mini I’ve ever seen. There are lots of design details to learn from. It’ll be awesome to see what this thing can do on the track with over 500hp and only 1700lbs to push around. P.S. Anyone who can do a car body, this chassis needs one in the shape of a Mini.




Revolution Motor Works



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