Sierra Sierra EVO Pre-WTAC 2011 Update


Here you can see the Full Race exhaust manifold and one of the two Turbosmart CompGate 40 wastegates, but what is different from before are the two small flaps around the circumference of the vents. From what little I know about aero, I believe these will create a high pressure zone above the vents to suck air out of the engine bay.

You might be wondering WTF is going on here. I know that Dave was sweating Richard all last year to “add tunnels!”. I wasn’t really too clear what Dave was talking about until I saw this picture. Richard, Mike, and Jet literally stole the floor from a Swift-016 Formula Atlantic race car, widened it, modified it to integrate it on to the EVO’s chassis and made it fit. It required Mike to fabricate a new exhaust which also came out pretty damn nice.

That’s the exhaust in the center now. It no longer exits out the side in front of the right rear wheel. These tunnels on the Swift 016 produced 2000 pounds of downforce excluding the rear wing. Of course we don’t believe that we’re going to get all 2000 pounds, but we hope to hell we can get some of it. None of the aero modifications this round were tested in a wind tunnel of course. They were just done with good old common sense and some direction from an engineer friend of the team’s.

Here’s a preview of the car whole. This shot doesn’t have the race wheels on the car, but it does have a set of the ultra sticky Hankook Hankook Ventus TD Z-221 tires that the will be on the car in Australia. Despite these tires having tread, we’ve found them to be pretty close to the semi-slick Ventus Z-214s we run in the USA.

Here’s the rear view of the car complete. Like I said, it does not have race wheels on it and I don’t believe it’s at race height either. While a good deal of the car is untested (all of the aero and bang bang anti-lag), we’re pretty confident it’s going to go considerably quicker than it did at Eastern Creek last year. With some luck I believe Team USA has a good chance.

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