Sierra Sierra EVO Pre-WTAC 2011 Update


WHO IS SIERRA SIERRA? If you’re at WTAC and we don’t look too busy, feel free to come by and say hi. We accept snacks, money, and beer (after hours). So you know our names and what we do:

Richard Raeder is the team manager, engineer, and mastermind behind the chassis, differentials, and suspension. I would have written about the diff configuration, but all you need to know is: Pectel EVO Diff Controller and clutch type LSDs. Beyond that I don’t think Richard would be happy if I mentioned anymore.

Dave Empringham is the driver. While this is Dave’s first high strung, four cylinder, turbocharged, all wheel drive car he’s driven, everytime he takes the car out he’s able to go quicker. Usually he’s asking me for more revs and more boost in between each session and I’m usually giving him reasons why not to. One of Dave’s other turbocharged driving experiences was behind the wheel of a 900bhp CART open wheel car so he’s plenty used to power.

On the left is Mike the mechanic and bad ass fabricator. On the right is Jet the head mechanic. Neither of them are very friendly at first as you can see here, but as long as you try to talk to them when they aren’t busy, they’re both pretty cool. Since Richard is usually in the office, it’s mostly Mike and Jet who put Christine together.

This is me, Eric, the data acquisition and engine guy from Cosworth (Powertrain) USA. But I’m pretty cool with the team so they consider me part of the team as long as I’m not talking about how much something costs. This picture was taken last year at WTAC when I was 15 pounds heavier, but I might gain that all back in beer this trip. 

I think this year there’s also Ron and Travis who will be joining us. I don’t have pictures of them, but Ron also helps Mike and Jet when he isn’t trailering a Ferrari from race to race. Travis is SSE’s Ferrari data guy, but I think he’s coming along to alleviate some stress from me this year. That will be a big help because I think the pressure’s going to be on considering the untested parts of the car. Of course there’s also Dennis, the boss man, a.k.a Glorius Leader. I’ve heard that he might not be making it out this year however. Hopefully he changes his mind and can come out with us.

I’ve been seeing updates of some of the Australian competitors on the WTAC site. Some of them look pretty serious. The way I see it, the more competition the better. One thing’s for sure: it’s going to be a bad ass event. If you aren’t going to be there and you’re a fan of time attack, then I feel sorry for you because you might be missing the event of a lifetime. All of the time attack entries sold out in less than 2 days. ALL OF THEM. Crowds are expecting to be in the 12,000+ range also. There are billboards, radio ads, and print ads all over Sydney now. It’s not too late. Flights are still reasonable on both United and Quantas. 

See you in Sydney!

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