Simpson Safety’s Hybrid S Head and Neck Restraint

Overall once we adjusted everything Christa said the Hybrid S was comfortable and still allowed enough head movement so she could look out the side windows and check the mirrors with no problem.  We were worried that this full-body brace might be too constrictive but Christa said it was not. The hanging straps you see here are for attaching arm restraints.  Besides open wheel use, this would be handy for drifting as many sanctioning bodies require them.

At the track with bulky clothes on, Christa said the Hybrid S was still comfortable.  It had plenty of clearance for her ponytail.

Christa uses a carbon Sparco SKY RF-7W helmet for Karting.  It has posts built in for head and neck restraints and the Hybrid S clipped right in and with some minor strap length adjustment worked perfectly.


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