Simpson Safety’s Hybrid S Head and Neck Restraint

We were afraid that the Hybrid S might dig into the back or the padding of a stock seat and create an uncomfortable situation.  Christa reported that this was not the case at all and it was perfectly comfortable.

Christa’s karting gloves are designed for abrasion resistance in a crash and are actually flammable so we figured that we should get her some car driving gloves.  We got her some Sparco Arrow Nomex gloves that are FIA and SFI-approved.  A cool feature is that they are designed for touch screens so you can use touch-activated dash displays or your phone with your gloves on!

In addition to her gloves, her karting shoes were not flame resistant for karting use.  We got her some Sparco X-Light driving shoes that are SFI and FIA-approved.  Christa was amazed at how light, breathable and comfortable the shoes were.

So we feel that the Simpson Safety Hybrid S may just be the most protective, most flexible, and versatile head and neck restraint out there.  The Hybrid S is both FIA and SFI certified and third-party tested to FMVSS 208 standards.  This is the auto industry test standard for driver restraint systems.


Simpson Safety Products

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