Skunk 2 Releases Pro Series Intake Manifold for EVO VII, VIII and IX

SKunk 2 Pro Series EVO intake manifold 4G63






If you are tuning your EVO VII-IX you were probably wondering what was up with the designers of the 4G63’s intake manifold. It has a tiny plenum for the amount of power that the engine is capable of producing, even with the stock turbo. At MotoIQ, we saw significant gains in power on our project EVO VIII with an experimental crudely made modified stock manifold with an enlarged plenum. We also saw significant bottom end losses and increased lag so we axed that project.

Fortunately a solution that street-driven Evo VII-IX owners can appreciate is here. Skunk2’s Evo Pro Series Intake Manifold was designed with “street enthusiasts” who utilize turbochargers as small as the factory unit in mind and want more power without sacrificing mid-range performance.

Skunk2’s all-new, cast-aluminum Evo Pro Series Intake Manifold—which was tested and developed on the company’s own Evo Time Attack race car—is a direct-fit replacement and offers significant horsepower and torque gains without compromising mid-range power output. Conventional large-plenum, short-runner intake manifolds provide top-end power gains but suffer in the mid-range. Not Skunk2’s. Its all-new Pro Series Intake Manifold features OEM-length runners with larger bores and a special tapered design as well as a larger, tapered plenum that together preserve mid-range power but increase and accelerate airflow to allow for significant top-end gains. Pro Series Intake Manifolds also feature thicker castings when compared to the OEM piece, which leaves plenty of room for porting, and each runner exit is machined and hand-finished to best match the cylinder head’s ports. The Pro Series Intake Manifold’s unique design increases wave scavenging effects at the engine’s ideal operating range, which allow for a broad increase in usable power.

Skunk2’s Evo Pro Series Intake Manifold is a simple bolt-on affair. Unlike other intake manifolds, Skunk2’s incorporates the factory configuration, leaving the throttle body in its original location, which means the original intercooler piping and hoses can be reused. Pro Series Intake Manifolds also include the necessary provisions for the Evo’s brake booster line, MDP sensor, and vacuum accessories (EGR valve excluded), and incorporate two additional 1/8-inch NPT ports, which can be used for any number of vacuum/boost-related devices such as gauges, boost controllers, and more.

Skunk2 is a familiar name in the intake manifold business, with more than 10 years of experience designing, testing, and building manifolds for the Honda market. Similar to OEM manifolds, Skunk2’s Pro Series Intake Manifolds are shell-molded and CNC-machined for superior strength, a precise fit, and a high-quality finish. Each manifold is molded with smooth transitions from the throttle body opening to the plenum to the runners with clean parting lines for an optimal finish, both inside and out.

So says the folks at Skunk 2. Hopefully we will be able to obtain a test piece for one of our project EVO’s soon!


Broad Powerband

Large, Tapered Plenum

Large-Bore, OEM-Length Runners

High-Grade, 356-Aluminum Construction

OEM-Quality, Shell-Molded Casting

Skunk2 Nameplate

Vacuum-Tested for Quality

OEM Sensor Provisions

Dipstick Relocation Tube Included

Retail Price: $499

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