SlipAngle Podcast /// SCCA Autocross National Champion Andy Hollis and His Honda K24 Powered “One Lap CRX”

Episode 395 – We’re at COTA with Andy Hollis for Super Lap Battle 2021. Andy’s no stranger to high performance supercars, but this weekend he’s driving his One Lap CRX, because his McLaren is predictably broken. Andy’s a legend in SCCA autocross and One Lap of America, and is one of the premier tire testers for autocross racers everywhere. Recently, he’s been reviewing the new round of 200TW autocross tires and track day tires to give the community the best information to go fast at the track.

Despite his experience with supercars, he’s forever in love with his CRX. We can say we love it too. If you’re interested in his build, he has a forum build thread that covers his progression with the car.

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