WATCH: BimmerWorld OPTIMA Batteries E36 Hill Climb Car!


We took a break from isolation to make the trip out to Austin, Texas for Optima Batteries’ Hi-Performance Expo at the Circuit of the Americas last November (2020). We’ll be featuring several of our favorite cars from the event so make sure you’re subscribed and getting our notifications!

In this one we have BimmerWorld’s James Clay, and the OPTIMA Batteries Bergsteiger E36 Hill Climb Car! Being a pro driver and building racecars that conform to rules every day Clay wanted to build something without compromise or constraints and this is monster is a manifestation of that dream! Mike states a number of times that this is his favorite car ever of all time so watch and find out why!

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Optima Batteries 



  1. The Weistec turbos are Garrett GTX based. You can pick the size based on what you want for drivability and power, so anything between GTX3071R and GTX3582R.

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