SlipAngle Podcast /// “Tuning Badass” – Mitch McKee

Austin and Mike talk tunes with Mitch McKee.  Mitch got his start at AMS Performance and then moved over to Cobb Tuning.  He’s a guy that’s made a lot of things you know about happen, but may not have ever heard of him.  Mike calls Mitch, “A tuning badass” and uses him to tune his own cars.  We hear from Mitch about how tuning has changed over the years, his favorite car to tune, and learn how tuning differs in different genres of motorsport.

Episode 250: “Tuning Badass” – Mitch McKee

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  1. Just wanted to say what an awesome show! Thanks for all the great content.

    Is Project GT3RS really Mike’s car? I’m always confused as to who own’s what project car other than the obvious ones like AP2 S2000 being Khiem’s and NSX being Billy’s.

  2. Hello. I’m wondering if there is away I can access one of your older podcasts. It’s episode 250 with Mitch McKee. Mitch is my son. For some reason when I try to play it now, it doesn’t work, indicates an error. Any help you can give me would be great. Thanks, Mark McKee

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