Sneak Peek: Ford GT Street Car vs. Race Car



The race car sprouted a couple scoops on the top of the car. The big one near the roof of the car should be feeding cold ram air to the turbos (cold air and ram air is always good for making more power). The smaller scoop further back should be feeding cold air to a heat exchanger; my guess is oil cooler for the transaxle. Race car = more cooling! A couple aero details can be seen in this side view. Check out the angles of the front and rear diffusers; I drew in red lines to show how much they are angled. The rule of thumb is you do not want greater than about a 10 degree angle in order to prevent flow separation which would increase drag and reduce downforce generation. The rear diffuser is really long extending to the back edge of the wing in order to keep the angle as shallow as possible. Speaking of the rear wing, the leading edge is angled upwards a bit to better match the angle of the airflow coming over the top of the car. Race car = more downforce! One more little detail is the tapered rear edge of the wing mounts to reduce drag.
The race car ditches the plastic grill insert in front of the intercoolers mounted in ear rear wheel pod in order to get the most air through the ICs. These angled shots show how the airflow goes along the teardrop shape of the central bodywork through the passage between the central bodywork, rear wheel pods and the flying buttress connecting the two. Check out again how low those side skirts are to the ground. On a side note, Ford managed to stuff some of the intercooler piping in the flying buttresses.
This view shows fresh and cold air going into the rear heat exchanger and dumping out the repurposed exhaust holes into the low pressure area behind the body work which will help suck the air out. It’s the same story with the hot air coming off the intercoolers into the low pressure areas behind the rear wheels.
So there you have it, well…. at least what Ford has decided to show in converting its new supercar into a racecar. As you would expect in making a street car fast around a road course, spoilers, wings, and things have sprouted. An endurance race car also has to last, so more openings, vents, and heat exchangers between them are mounted. How will the GT do against its rivals? 2016 is just around the corner…


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