Sneak Peek: GTSport Pirelli World Challenge Cayman S


Nothing very fancy back here in the rear hatch area. The factory ECU sits back here along the vertical sheet metal attaching the rear shock towers. The team did make a custom fuel port next to the engine oil cap to facilitate measuring the fuel in the tank. This information is used for fuel consumption calculations.
The rear wing stays are bolted to the vertical sheet metal of the rear hatch. The little silver sticker on the upper right corner of the wing shows it’s an approved part.
The rear wing is quite simple being only a single element with a gurney flap on the trailing edge. The mounting positions are relatively limited with only different mounting hole options for the front of the wing.
The front glass windshield was replaced with a lighter weight polycarbonate piece. Of course, supports are required beneath the windshield to prevent it from bowing inward from air pressure.
The doors are gutted to save weight and make room for the NASCAR style door bars of the cage. Again, a simple wire and loop is used to open the door replacing factory latch mechanism saving weight.
The NASCAR style door bars protrude into the gutted door providing crumple space between the bars and the driver. A piece of sheet metal to protect the driver’s leg, probably made from aluminum, has dimple die cutouts to save weight while adding stiffness. The passenger side of the cage by the door is equipped with a slightly more simplistic X-design.

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