Sneak Peek: GTSport Pirelli World Challenge Cayman S


A mandatory driver’s net helps protect the driver. The net is latched using the standard issue Safecraft component with the really big push button.
On the floorboard of the passenger side of the car are a few heavy items to balance the weight of the driver. An Optima battery and fire suppression bottle are in the foot well and ballast in place of the seat. Of course, everything is mounted as low as possible to keep the center of gravity down.
One of the surprisingly favorite modifications is the shifter. Having recently driven a friend’s 996 911, the shifter felt a bit toy-ish compared with Project S2000’s shifter having a more direct and precise feel. I have no doubt this new shifter in the Cayman greatly improved the feel and feedback for the drivers.
There is a net on both sides of the driver; the right side net is not latched and can be seen hanging off the right side of the Sparco seat. Of course, a cage is well-built around the seat.
One of the many custom touches GTSport put on the car is this little piece of lexan to replace the factory glass. A small duct was placed in the lexan to grab a bit of cooling air.

Take one Porsche Cayman S, gut it, put in safety equipment, bolt on some turn-fast and stop-often parts, and you have the basics of a Pirelli World Challenge Grand Touring Sport race car. To be a winner though, it’s the small details that GTSport have implemented which makes this car a championship points leader. So what about RESET-MD? Basically, they fix your body. If you’re like me with sprained ankles, bad knees, bum hip, jacked lower back, and a shoulder that makes all sorts of bad noises, then RESET-MD can determine the causes and fix them. A pain-free healthy driver is a better driver.





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