Sneak Peek: The NEMO Racing EVO, Part 1


nemo evo rear aero

Here is the rear quarter complete as raced at WTAC with DTM influenced behind the wheel arch rear wings/canards. 

nemo evo rear tunnel

The lower A-arms and axle protrude into the tunnel, but there's no way around this of course. Notice the toe adjustment rod is mounted on axis and directly to the rear of the lower A-arm for zero bump steer.

nemo evo wing mount

These rear wing mounts are legit! Not only is the angle of attack adjustable, but also the fore/aft projection of the wing (although not its primary purpose). The elliptical cross section aero tube is also pretty trick. Also check out the lightened wing mount brackets.

nemo evo rear aero

Another unique feature of the NEMO EVO is the implementation of this rear sub wing. I'm not even going to try and guess how this part achieves what it does, but perhaps Andrew will chime in and break it down. I can tell you he didn't implement it for shits and giggles though. It's there for a reason and of course we know it's downforce related. The fuel filler neck is right there below the Hankook sticker. I believe the fuel cell is located in the squarish section between the tunnels bringing all of the weight of the fuel as low as possible in the car.

nemo evo rear wing

Big wing with big end plates and dual elements for big downforce. Both elements are adjustable for fine tuning in addition to the adjustable wing mounts.

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