Sneak Peek: The NEMO Racing EVO, Part 1


nemo evo rear

This view almost makes the car kind of look like a pagoda. That actually works out pretty well considering that EVO fan boys need to bow down and pray to what just might be the ultimate EVO in the world today. That's Andrew and I chatting about some of the trials and tribulations that NEMO Racing went through on the road to WTAC 2012. 


nemo evo gullwing door

The gullwing doors just add to the radicalness of NEMO as a whole. Next week we'll take a look at what's going on inside. That's me asking Andrew all kinds of questions again…


I've only covered part of the build and the aero mostly, but there's so much more to this car. There are so many ultra cool, functional, details inside of this car, I guarantee you don't want to miss it. Check back next week for part two on NEMO and some of the coolest details found in a Time Attack car, or any race car for that matter, to date. 



NEMO Racing would like to thank (in no particular order):

  • Nathan Leech – Nine West – Engineering design of chassis and suspension 
  • Andrew Brilliant – AMB Aero – Aero design
  • Tony Porter – Tony Porter Fabrication – Fabrication of chassis and suspension
  • Andy Maybury – Fabrication 81- Fabrication
  • Brad Cawthorne – Cawrthone Composites – Fabrication of all composites
  • McElrea Racing – Assembly of NEMO, maintenance, and pit crew
    •  Andy McElrea – Team Principal
    • Leigh Geyer – Engineer
    • James Marshal – Mechanic
    • Dano Deighton – Mechanic
    • Jimmy Henderson – Mechanic
  • Paul Mason- Competition Electrics – Wiring and Electronics
  • Russell Weaver- Russel Weaver Panels – Painting
  • Will – JHH Performance – Engine
  • Brett Rodgers – BRMD – Livery Design
  • Nick Ashwin – NA Autosport – Engine and Data
  • Alex and Dave – GT Auto Garage – Tuning & Chassis Dyno


NEMO Racing's sponsors are:

Auger Torque
Hankook Tyres
Motul Oils
Sparktech Ignition
Pro Speed Racing



Check out the second part of our look inside the Nemo Racing EVO!

Nemo Racing part 2



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