Specialty Z 1009whp Z32 300ZX TT

I’d love to have a Z32 one of these days. I still have fond memories of the Z32 even though I haven’t driven one in a long while. Back in the day when I was 20 (circa 1993), Jeff the Tokyo Pimp and I did several Z32 NA and TTs with 150 shots of direct port nitrous. Those were my first experiences with involuntary lane changes and smoking tires at 80mph. While I probably didn’t have the driving skills back then, I was too dumb to lift either. Youth and ignorance are awesome. Those were the days…I’ll have to dig up those pictures. Even with all the fond memories, I still wouldn’t build a Z32 myself (no time or patience). I’ll just bring my future Z32 over to the guys at Specialty Z after I hit the lotto next week.

Anyhow, the red headed stepchild of the Japanese turbo cars has got to be the Z32 300ZX Twin Turbo. Before you mention the Isuzu Impulse, I consider the Impulse to be the bastard stepchild since the Z32 was loved by at least some. Anyhow, the Z32 was popular in Japan during and slightly after the economic bubble for it’s then large VG30DETT engine (3.0L) and twin turbo muscle, but it never got too much love here in the US. Sure Jim Wolf Technologies pretty much dominated the bolt-on Z32 world of the 90s, but there just weren’t that many SERIOUS Z32s back then. I think it was mostly because of the amount of skill, patience, and/or money it took to work on them. Two turbos tucked a centimeter away from the frame rails and block (try getting to the inside front turbo nut on the exhaust manifold), 16 hours to R&R the intake manifold to change fuel injectors (for the inexperienced first timer) and the need to buy new vacuum and water hoses at the dealership because you got so fucking pissed off you cut them all to lift the intake manifold, injectors that went bad every so often, tiny side mounted intercoolers all meant that you would have bleeding forearms, busted knuckles, a thin ass wallet, and plenty of down time by the time you were done trying to make any serious power. So most Z32 owners stuck to the bolt ons. Why not just build a JZA80 Supra for big power? Well that’s just what everybody did and now we have the whole dumb ass 1000whp “stock block” phenomena because Toyota made the 2JZ strong enough to make big power low load dyno passes at 4 digit hp levels. Just because everybody does it doesn’t mean it’s the right thing to do. Toyota effectively created a whole generation of dyno queens that would vent blocks if they tried running their 1000whp “stock block” phenomenons down the strip. Anyhow, enough of Supras. This post is about Specialty Z and their customer’s 1009whp Z32. If you are not a dyno queen owner, wanted to actually race your car instead of comparing nut sack sizes on a dyno sheet, and you wanted to build your Z32 TT for serious performance, then you would take your Z32 to Specialty Z.

Here’s a quick look at the specs (SZ = Specialty Z):
Built shortblock with CP Pistons 8.0:1 CompressionCrower Rods
ARP HardwareStock Headgaskets
Ported & Polished Heads w JWT 500 Cams (JUN Solid IntakeExhaust Gears)
Solid Motor Mounts
SZ EXP-90 Turbo Kit w NEW SZ complete inlet piping
SZ Inconel Exhaust Manifolds
SZ Oil Pan
Full SZ Exhaust which cones back to 2.5″ at the x-pipe. (3″ coming soon!).
300Degree RailsSard 850cc Injectors
Aeromotive Eliminator Fuel PumpAeromotive Fuel Pressure Regulator
Spal Dual 11″ Electric FansKoyo Radiator
Nitrous Express Direct Port Nitrous (150 Shot)
TDM 2.5″ SMIC PipingAsh Spec MassivesZ1 Throttle Bodies
RPS Billet Twin-Disc Carbon Clutch
PPG Dog Box Gear Set
ACPT Carbon Fiber Driveshaft
SZ ECU (ROM Tuned stock ecu modified w map selector)


This car is the ultimate sleeper. I would love to see a ZR-1 line up with this car and get it’s ass handed to it. I’m sure Sebastian, the guys at Specialty Z, and the owner will be running this car at the local tracks. The difference between 70mm (2.75″) and 76mm (3″) downpipes and exhaust does WONDERS with a RB26 and smaller turbos. With dual 3″ exhaust, I’m sure the top end power will improve. Just like you would write your local congressman if you want something done, make sure you write Specialty Z and tell them you want a jet size increase on the nitrous to 250hp.

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