Crazy Week and Time Killers

This week is CRAZY busy. Daytime is Cosworth and we’re cranking at 125% right now trying to finish up the multitude of projects that we have going on. In the evenings it is time attack help. Lucky for me I am not actively campaigning a time attack car so I am not ultimately responsible for entire cars. I get to play free agent so I can finish my work and gtfo. I remember the days of trying to run a shop and then having to get a race car ready: IT SUCKED.

Anyhow last night I ended up having dinner with Tarzan and Mr. Omoto who owns C-West. Tarzan is here to drive the Crawford STi and Omoto-san is here on vacation with his family and to check out the C-West S2000 at the time attack this weekend (no pressure Gary). Tarzan has done a fair bit of driving for C-West through the years so Omoto-san and Tarzan are old friends. Omoto-san and I were talking in broken Japanese and English and it turns out he is now the team boss for the Daishin GT300 team this year. C-west has always been active in Japanese motorsports having jumped between N1 (Super Taikyu) and GT300 and Omoto-san has even driven throughout the years, but it seems like he’s more content being the team boss. I haven’t seen Omoto-san in about 3 years so it was nice catching up and meeting his family. He was here with his family so he was relatively chill, but if you catch him in Minami (Osaka), get ready to drink and party. He knows how to have fun and will make sure his friends are having fun too. You know those nights out where you only have patches of memory and everybody tells you, “Yo man, you were fucking crazy last night dude. I can’t believe you did that!” but you don’t remember shit? Toshi, Hiro, and myself have some of those induced by Omoto-san. Good times…

Here is the 2009 #81 Daishin Ferrari F430. It seems to me that Omoto-san will be leveraging the Zerosun brand (part of the C-West empire) into aero parts for exotics. Engines are $100,000 each and are good for 5000km. That’s really not all too bad for a race engine program for any car let alone a Ferrari. They get 2 engines for the season, but engines usually do not fail. The 2nd engine is a spare.

Here’s Tarzan the Tiger when he drove the XS BNR32 back in 2005. That’s me in the background fuzz.

For all you Otaku photographer nerds, here’s a site for JGTC Race Queens I bumped into looking for pictures of the Daishin F430 on a Japanese search engine: OTAKU RACE QUEEN PSYCHO STALKER CAMERA NERD BLOG DIRECTORY

And here’s a video that Donny from Versus sent me. It’s a pretty cool time killer actually. Check it out if you have time to kill (you do since you’re reading this).

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