Spy Shots from Halloween Bash

Just Drift Halloween Bash

Spy Shots from Halloween Bash

By David Karey

Just Drift is an organization that holds all types of drift events, catering to everyone from the amateur, all the way up to the professional looking for a good time. One of their most popular events is Halloween Bash, where drivers come from all around to celebrate the seasonal holiday by burning up countless sets of tires.

Group drifting
Any drift event with the word “bash” in it, always includes awesome group drifting.

This year there were 2 days of drifting to satisfy the casual drifter, and pros itching to get a little seat time between the end of the FD season, and the beginning of a new one. One of the most well known pros, Chris Forsberg, showed up in his 240SX missile car to trade some paint with whoever had the balls to run next to him.

Karl Osaki went run after run with Forsberg, giving the crowd a nice show, and trading a couple of taps here and there. Karl is an up and coming amateur driver with lots of experience in tandem and team driving. Expect to see a lot of him once he gets his car sorted out.

Chris Forsberg missile car
Chris Forsberg pilots his missile car with Karl Osaki in close chase!

A “missile car” is a drift car built for the sole purpose of car to car contact while drifting. Many pro drivers, such as the Drift Alliance guys, have a missile car they bring to events and drive in ways they wouldn’t drive their competition car. Missile cars have missing body panels, lights hanging
from wires, tons and tons of dents from past battles, etc. Watching the cars run without their drivers caring about damaging them, is very entertaining.

chris forsberg missile car
Chris returns the heat on Karl!

During the downtime between groups, we walked over to the big track at Willow to watch some of the killer muscle cars running with the Cobra Club. Off in the distance, we saw an occasional plume of smoke similar to Mt St. Helens erupting. After a short drive, we discovered Fredric Aasbo driving the Need For Speed Scion tC, and the team testing engine improvements after running into some problems during Formula Drift round 7 at Irwindale.

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