StopTech/G-Loc Combo for the Devine Force Racing STi

We’ve all been there, that moment coming down a long straightaway, absolutely HAULING FAST as possible, as the unforgiving braking zone approaches. A quick tap to the brake pedal with your left foot praying the brakes are still there before it’s time to slam hard on the pedal and activate the magic of the StopTech/G-loc stopping force combo that allows the car to decelerate from a pulse racing buck fifty to a leisurely 45mph into 10a.

Charging through the esses at Road Atlanta. Photo by: Motolyric.

Brake Late. Finish first. That’s StopTech’s slogan in case you didn’t know and with this Trophy Sport Big Brake Kit that’s exactly what I’ve been able to do (finishing first is a work in progress). Since this was my first year competing and I was still driving the car pretty regularly on the street, the Stoptech ST-40 kit with 4-piston calipers and 355x32mm slotted rotors would prove to be just enough for what I needed at the driving level I was at. The reason these are better than the OEM brakes is because, the brake pedal feedback is much firmer feeling which is allowing me to stop faster, and they are also able to withstand a lot more heat without fading.  This means I can do lap after lap with predictable brakes that don’t change.  Predictable brakes means I can work on being consistent and building my confidence as a driver with Stoptech’s Trophy Sport Big Brake Kit .

StopTech ST-40 Trophy Big Brake Kit.

The StopTech ST-40’s are a four-piston lightweight forged aluminum caliper that provides about a 20% weight reduction and comes with a bolt-in bridge that’s also patented by StopTech to ensure stiffness and stops possible distortion as well as provides a firm consistent brake pedal.  Stainless steel braided brake lines are another part that comes with this kit for the front and rear axle. The lines are corrosion resist and allow for consistent brake pressure meaning faster, and firmer pedal response and better ABS actuation.

The StopTech patented bridge.

The StopTech 2-Piece Slotted AeroRotors have patented AreoVanes in the friction rings that allows for improved airflow as well as cooling, and billet 7075 Al AeroHats that also help cooling with their directional vaned standoffs.  The floating drive pin slots enable differential expansion of the hat and friction ring to help prevent coning deformation. The washers also are made to withstand high temperatures on the race track since they’re made of Inconel. To reduce potential rattling as the hat and rotor expand at individual rates, the dive pin washers are curved and add tension to take up noise-causing free play. The friction rings come pre-installed to the hats and are slotted instead of drilled to help prevent cracking.

StopTech ST-40 Big Brake Kit installed on the Devine Force Racing STi.


  1. how compatible is the GS-1 compound with their race compound? Will they play nice with the rotors swapping back and forth from GS-1 to Rwhatever?

    1. Hey Bob, yes it’s not a problem at all to do that. It’s actually better to have the GS-1s as your daily if you’re using their race compounds. So feel free to drive to the track on your GS-1s, swap to race compound for the track but as always be sure to re bed them in.

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