StopTech/G-Loc Combo for the Devine Force Racing STi

G-loc’s pads are hands down my preference when it comes to racing, as I progress as a driver G-loc works with me to find the perfect pad combo. Currently, we determined that I’m able to get the most out of having their R10 compound in the front axel and R8’s in the rear. The R8 compound has an operating temperature of 74°F-1250°F+ (23°C to 676°C+) and provides the right amount of bite on the rear rotors. The R10 compound has an operating temp of 118°F-1475°F (47°C – 801°C) and provides a higher coefficient of friction and stronger bite, meaning more serious braking power! Both compounds are made to bed easily on the rotors and have a high fade resistance.

G-loc Brake Pads

G-loc prides themselves in having a compound that’s easy on rotors while still offering great modulation and an ability to trail brake. Unlike other pads, G-loc’s don’t’ have an “on/off switch” feel and allow for a super smooth release so mid-corner if I have to brake, it won’t upset my car.  When I asked G-loc what goes into their magic sauce for the pads, they wouldn’t give me much-unclassified information but, I was told they’re made out of Carbon, Ceramic, Kevlar some Iron and other secret sauce ingredients.  G-loc puts A LOT into testing these different compounds before releasing them to drivers, they’re tested on a brake dyno until the compound is up to par for some track testing and repeated until the compound has met their requirements. It’s important to note that these pads are not recommended for street driving, they do have a special compound the GS-1, that’s more suited for daily driving.

NASA Track Day! The StopTech BBK makes quick pad changes so easy and quick!

If you’re interested in trying out these pads be sure to hit them up here, they’re made in the US of A and offer discounts to all retired and active military. To snag your StopTech BKK, check out their listed dealers here and hope you all try this combo out! Stay tuned for more brake upgrades on the Devine Force Racing STi, this starter combo is just the beginning of the journey of speed this chassis will explore.



GLOC Brakes


  1. how compatible is the GS-1 compound with their race compound? Will they play nice with the rotors swapping back and forth from GS-1 to Rwhatever?

    1. Hey Bob, yes it’s not a problem at all to do that. It’s actually better to have the GS-1s as your daily if you’re using their race compounds. So feel free to drive to the track on your GS-1s, swap to race compound for the track but as always be sure to re bed them in.

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