Subaru WRX Econo Suspension! Part 1

The rear Whiteline sway bar has  3 adjustment holes. From softest to stiffest position is about an 80% difference in stiffness.

The Whiteline frame bushings are also hard polyurethane.

The super cool thing about the Whiteline bushings is that they have a slippery plastic liner.  This eliminates the urethane’s tendency to squeak.  It also eliminates the need to grease the bushings.  For years we have been wrapping sway bars with Teflon tape to prevent squeaking and this eliminates the need to do this as well.

We are going to start our installation by removing the front wheels.

The ABS sensor wire bracket was removed next.


  1. Love the site and asked a question in the past Mike was nice enough to answer. It was actually related to the topic and this one isn’t so I hope you don’t mind. I have a 2018 Civic Type R that needs some new front ball joints. Seems OEM or Spoon ( is the only option. Being my car is still stock ride height would the spoon ones have a negative effect on suspension geometry since they’re meant to fix the issue when lowering a car? Should I just go OEM instead of trying to needlessly upgrade? I was hoping the Spoon ones might be bit more durable as after 12k miles and 15 or so track days my OEMs are already shot (clunking)

    Thanks in advance!

  2. Didn’t know the OEM links were adjustable. We normally go with MOOG ones so they be lubed. The old plastic OEM ones were horrid.

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