SuperCar Sunday Revisited


Accelerating quickly and cornering fast requires sticky rubber, so 315 wide Toyo R888s fill the rear wheel wells.
More wide fenders, more wide tires, more splitters, more go fast/turn fast. Fuel Lab components ensure the fuel flows in this Porsche 914 to keep the engine humming.
A pair of thin-shell fixed buckets holds two brave souls in place with racing harnesses. More metal cage structure helps to protect the occupants in the case of an accident.
There’s not a 2.0L in this 914 anymore… An LS2 was stuffed into the middle of the chassis. That’s a lot of ponies in a lightweight mid-engine chassis which should make for a very entertaining drive.
Getting the power to the rear tires is the responsibility of this transaxle held in place with a subframe.
Another German make in blue, it appears this BMW 2002 has visited Laguna Seca, Big Willow, and a third track I don’t recognize.

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