SuperCar Sunday Revisited


That pipe on the right side of the radiator fan is the exhaust pipe. Yeah, it’s a small engine.
The little carb sits on top of a casting that has both the intake runners (the pair towards the rear of the car) and exhaust runners.
The intake runner goes to the rear of the air cooled head and the exhaust goes out the front runner and crosses over the engine. How about that exposed flywheel? Also notice the hose mount attached to the cylinder head.
That exhaust runner from the right side of the engine crosses over and joins the runner from the left side of the engine where they merge into that exhaust pipe going down the side of the radiator.
So, about that hose mount, I believe it provides the heat to the cabin as I think there is usually a hose connecting that mount on the cylinder head to the tube on the firewall. Check out the size of the transmission; it’s like the size of my lunch box.
Those of you who have been around the Los Angeles car meet scene have observed this guy. He’s got great talent and will whip up a fantastic work of art of your car.

SuperCar Sunday still has it. A mix of old and new, a few oddities, and a whole lot of turn fast cars. So if you like cars of all types that can do more than go fast in a straight line or sit hard parked, head up to Woodland Hills on a Sunday morning. Then enjoy some of the best driving roads around on the way home.

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