Supercharged G37 – Nitto NT555RII & NT05

Pausing for a brief moment in an effort to save someone from an expensive mistake. The ONLY reason we can get away with running a 285 wide (11.42”) tire on our G37 sedan is because we’re running a 9.5” wide wheel at a stock 50 wheel offset.  This combination causes the tire to bulge a bit on the rim. However, the stock offset perfectly centers the wheel/tire combo.  The new tire is about half an inch wider than our 275/35/19. Dividing that extra width on each side of the wheel there’s just enough clearance for this setup to fit.

Install and Test Fit

Our local Discount Tire handled the install, going slow to avoid any mistakes with our expensive Advan wheels.  They carefully jacked up the car from the pinch rails and installed the new tires one side at a time.

The new tires are indeed pretty meaty and it looks like it’s going to be a close fit!

The front looks close but it’s going to be ok!

The rear is very close as we had thought but with our wheels offset and width, it clears just barely.


Once everything on one side of the car was fitted it was on to the next side.

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