Superleague Formula

Football, or soccer as its known here in the US, is the most popular sport around the world outside of the US. For some reason Soccer has never gained any steam over here. In Europe, football is crazy popular. I don’t know jack about European football except about what I read in the news a few years back about crazy ass fans starting riots and killing each other. Oh and also the few scenes in the movie Eurotrip. Who would have thought to MIX formula racing and football though? Superleague Formula is a high level open wheel racing series where the cars are painted in the scheme of football (soccer) teams. I guess the idea is to get the crazy ass football fans in to racing. What a trip.

You get the general idea. The car is painted to match the team’s uniform. I have got to say that is an absolute trip. It would never work here in the US, but Europe is different I suppose. 4.2L V12’s propel the cars beyond 300km/h. No doubt the engines will sound really nice. High rpm V12s usually sound pretty damn good.

My buddy Roland at Pi in the UK also sent me a picture of the steering wheel/dash unit. It is friggin sweet. It costs around $16K with the Pi Sigma dash electronics all built in. It is constructed of carbon fiber so you know its light as hell too. I wish I could install one in my GT-R. Then I could roll like I was Micheal Knight in Knight Rider

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