0-60 Motorex Article

Go out and buy the current issue of 0-60 magazine. It has an in depth article written by Richard Chang, the successful Primedia graduate, on Motorex and the convoluted demise of Skyline GT-Rs in the USA. The story is well written and covers the bulk of the Motorex/Hiro/GT-R story. I think there was some parts of the story left out either because the interviewees (myself one of them) left the information out or since the court case is still pending was left out on purpose. Myself, Sean the GTR nerd, Ken Takahashi (awesome pic btw) the Formula D judge, and others were interviewed by Richard to get the details of the nitty gritty Motorex story. As an outsider seeing things closely inside Motorex, I think the story is pretty accurate as far as the public needs to know. There are some details even I left out because some things are better left unsaid. In the end though, I thought Motorex was a great place to hang out. Back in the day, there was nowhere else you could go in the USA and see plenty of BNR32, BCNR33, and BNR34s all in one place. Some days I would stop by the McDonalds and pick up some lunch, cruise over to Motorex and wait for Hiro to get in. That is if he decided to come in at all. While waiting, I would hear the rants about Hiro from Motorex employees. It was like clockwork.

I used to hang out a lot with Hiro too. In the end, I lost a a pretty damn good party friend. Hiro is the one who schooled me in the ways of the Japanese hostess bar and was always down to party. I mean always down. How many friends do you have like that? So we would hit the various hostess bars about 3-5 times a week. Sometimes Ken, Sean, Noto, or Yasu would come along and sometimes Toshi (remember him?) or my roommate at the time Jeff the Tokyo pimp came along. Man were those fun times. Anyhow, when the shit started to hit the fan, Hiro distanced himself from Toshi and I and eventually we lost contact with him. Then the arrests came and I haven’t heard from Hiro since. That’s too bad since I hold absolutely nothing against him. Friends will come and go throughout life I suppose.

Sam put up the entire story up here, but 0-60 is a dope magazine so you should go out and buy one. Hell, subscribe to it. 0-60 is a bit different from the usual industry mags as its targeted toward the slightly older crowd and serious car enthusiasts. Good stuff.

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