Danny & Marilyn in Arizona

A couple weeks ago, Nick, Yaya, Saya and I headed out to Arizona because our friends Danny & Marilyn got married. Other than being really, really, really hot in Arizona (hell on Earth), it was a great time. I got a chance to hang out and celebrate with a bunch of friends I haven’t seen in a while, relax, binge eat and binge drink. I met Marilyn about 8 years ago through a friend who I used to work with at Apex. Danny is Jensen’s brother. Jensen used to work with me when I was at Apex, but when Danny moved to the mainland from Hawaii, he worked for me at XS fabricating and installing stuff. After XS, Danny went to work with the infamous Stephan Papidakis at AEM on the drift team, but got all serious with Marilyn and moved to Arizona. Small world, huh? Jensen is a little bitch (no comment section here, sucka!) and couldn’t hack it on the mainland so he moved back to Hawaii and is now working on boats. But I don’t blame him since Hawaii is literally a paradise.

Danny and Marilyn cutting the cake.

L to R: me, Buda, Jensen, Marilyn, Danny, Lanny, Alan, and Kyoung. Marilyn, Alan, and I are the only ones not from Hawaii. Alan went to school in Hawaii so he’s virtually from Hawaii (he can bust pidgin, bra).

We were chillin on the lawn (huge backyards in AZ) drinking. Here’s Jensen looking dumb trying to figure out how a camera works, Danny and Alan sippin on some syzurp.

Here was the dining table on night one minus the beer. I think D&M could have bought a car with the recycling money from all the aluminum beer cans and bottles from the weekend.

Buda busted out 3 bottles of the Crown Royal Cask No. 16 which I have got to say is pretty damn good (thanks Buda). The Guiness, Baileys, and Black Bush (yes, imagine the jokes) are the components of an Irish Car Bomb. Half whiskey (Black Bush in this case) and half Baileys dropped into a cup of Guiness and you down it in one shot (choke foam, bra). Jensen apparently is the master of the Irish Car Bomb and has been using it to pimp the hoes in Hawaii. The Baileys makes it easier for the chicks to drink.

Here’s me after 3 Irish Car Bombs. I suffer from the Chinese drinking sydrome and turn red.

Night two (three for some) and we’re still going strong. There’s the multi-talented Buda throwing the peace. We would all be drinking and then all of a sudden Buda would break out the vegetables and start chopping them for some of Marilyn’s special recipe salsa. Then he would turn around and bake some shit or make some other kind of kick ass food. Buda is funny as hell too and you want him at your parties. I left at 3:30am and Alan jumped in to the pool. Why not? Its still like 90°F (32.3°C) at 3:30am in AZ.

Alan drove his super slammed E46 M3 out from LA. Alan’s cars are always clean. If you see this car in person, you would say, “Fuuuck, thats low dude.”

Here’s the front of Nick’s 4Runner. Driving at night to AZ will result in a fucked bumper.

Anyhow, congrats to Danny and Marilyn. I wish them the best. I went to visit with them so when I finally settle down and invite them out to LA, they better show up!

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