The Red Dragon – Part 1

We have a 2008 STi at Cosworth that has been internally dubbed the Red Dragon. We have been using the car for product development so it hasn’t progressed much although it is supposed to be SEMA ready in less than 3 months now. The goal is a kick ass track car that you can drive home: a gentleman’s STi. There are guys who have the cash and go out and buy a Viper or 911 to track, but after running the car two or three times they discover: 1)the cars are NOT easy to control, 2)the cars eat tires for lunch, 3)the cars eat brakes for lunch, 4)they are afraid to put them into the wall and sometimes do (wallet outweighs the balls), 5)they are extremely expensive to set up properly for tracking, and 6)they are expensive as hell to track in general (gas, tires, brakes, alignment, etc.). Well this will be the STi for these kind of folk. Anyhow, the Red Dragon is getting a dry sump put in at the moment and Lew has done a super clean job so far as usual. He fabricated a tank mount and the aluminum tubes that run to the front so far. I like how the tank is mounted for a true low profile. The rest of us are lagging on the engine side of the project since we are busy with other projects, but the test suspension pieces and turbo are on the way from the UK.

Now you see it.

Now you don’t.

How many places do you know that would install a dry sump system as the car’s first modification? It doesn’t even have an exhaust yet. To be honest we just want to get some mileage on the dry sump system. It looks like Tyler and I will have to get down and dirty to get the car complete in 3 months. It should be fun…maybe.

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