Wide Body Miatas

While the Miata is cool fun little car, it doesn’t measure too high on the manliness scale when you compare it to other Japanese cars that are commonly modified. The stock bumper has that look like its smiling and it is pretty small overall. Then in the US, you have many women who own Miatas and of course gay dudes. You’re shielded from my criticizm if you’re a normal dude and own a Miata, but chances are you’re not a normal dude if you’re reading this blog. To avoid gayness, look no more: AWR Racing has wide body kits that look pretty clean.  None of the cars on the AWR website are very complete, but you get the idea. With some finishing and detail to aligning, these fenders could make the little Miata pretty buff looking. I gotta give props to AWR for doing a great job on the overall look of the Miata with their widebody fenders. It reminds me of the old Tri-Point FC widebody.

Now that is a fender. You will jack up your scrub radius (I learned the hard way), but it looks good. The fender or hood (not sure which) doesn’t line up for shit, but it can be fixed.

British Racing Green is sweet; especially with big ass flares.

Not bad at all. The fenders and flare are cheap too: $450. If you take a look at the pictures on the AWR site, you can see that it does take A LOT of labor to straighten out the lines and make everything fit right though. But I wouldn’t mind rolling a Miata like this with a 400whp 13B in it. A normally aspirated B6/BP matches the stock Miata though: they’re both gay.

This is the NC that is featured in this month’s Sport Compact Car Magazine. The flares make the car look about hmmm…I’m not too sure…maybe 5000x better? Now I would definitely roll a car like this. The MZR 2.0 engine has way more balls than the B6/BP too.  Perhaps I should get one and drop in a 300hp Cosworth Formula Atlantic engine. Or better yet, a stroked 2.3L MZR with the Cosworth BVD (big valve duratec) head with Atlantic camshafts and a Cosworth Supercharger. The torque curve would be the top half of a big giant square. All credit I would loose driving a Miata would be made up with tire smoke out of every turn.

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