What a Con

Cruising through the web, I stumbled upon the Surge 02 Power Chip for only $99.99. Here are some of the features. Check out the image of the high tech kit below too.

  • Improves engine output by as much as 10 %.
  • Enhance throttle response, acceleration and low end torque.
  • Preserves smog certification.
  • Pushes up acceleration and dynamism by upto 15 %.
  • Results higher top speed.
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Easy installation in 30 minutes.
  • Switch can be connected in line for on/off
  • Reduces flat spots or delay time when you mash down the throttle.

Reading these features, you already know its all bullshit. How can anything attaching to the factory 02 sensor do all of these things? Beats the shit out of me. Read the product description. You have got to be absolutely gullible to even remotely think about buying this product. But wait, let’s take a look at the Surge Performance Chip for even more power gains.

The Surge Performance Chip has got to be the latest and greatest, high tech item on the market. At least after reading the feature list, you would think so. Here is an image of the future of tuning:

Yes, with the addition of this high tech “”chip””, you can have all of these features for only $89.99:

  • Add up to 35 Horse Power – usually 7-10% power gain
  • Add up to 20+ Ft LBS of Torque
  • Fully adjustable for either Horsepower or Gas Mileage via Knob
  • More low end torque
  • More power to tow or race
  • 1-4 MPG Savings
  • Faster 0-60 MPH times
  • Faster 1/4 and 1/8th mile track times
  • Faster Acceleration at all RPM
  • Up to 20% quicker throttle response time
  • Smoother shifting (Automatics only)

Who needs a programmable standalone ECU, camshafts, turbos, etc.? You can install the Surge Performance Chip and the Surge 02 Power Chip and have all the power and torque you need for only $189.98. Something for almost nothing, huh? Well if you do your shopping at “”yourhotcar.com””, that can become a reality apparently.

Of course there is the original con: the Tornado. Originally marketed to increase horsepower before the days where there was a chassis dyno around every corner, it seems to be marketed toward increasing fuel mileage now. Of course fuel mileage is something that most people don’t check and/or don’t know how to calculate. It’s all just another con. What is the hell is going on in this world? Why do people and companies even exist? Look on the frontpage of the Tornado website and see how the guy links to a page showing John 3:16. Does the guy think that he will not burn in hell because he linked a passage from the bible? Cheap imitations, China copies, Vietnam fiberglass copies of JDM parts, everybody copying everybody, poor quality, XS Power, etc. Cons like the ones above and the general condition of the tuning industry leads me to think: What is the tuning industry coming to? Screw it I guess. You can’t worry about everything all the time. I guess you gotta keep on truckin’ and hope for the best if you like it.”

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