Taco Con Carnes: Adding More Meat to a 2017 Tacoma
Cappuccino vs Trail Grappler
These tires are big. How big? Bigger than a Suzuki Cappuccino big.
Wheel & Tire Mounting
With wheels and tires in hand, we loaded up the bed of the truck and took it to our local tire installer to have the tires mounted, the TPMS swapped over, and a four wheel alignment performed.
First Test Drive
The results speak for themselves. This setup is P E R F E C T. We were a bit apprehensive about the bronze color for the wheels, but it looks great and stands out from the usual black or gunmetal most truck owners would choose.
Stance Nation
The added width fills the fenders beautifully. The factory fender flares contain the tires and the added track width of the wheels gives the Tacoma a fat, purposeful stance.

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