Team America World Time Attack – ARK Design’s BNR32 Skyline GT-R Intro Part 2


This shows our close to ideal outboard damper location and how we now have a really decent scrub radius due to our upright mounting locations being deep inside the wheel!  Low torque steer! We are going to have plenty of wheel travel, 3″ of bump and 1.5″ of droop even with a really low ride height, about 2″ lower than before.  You have probably seen how high typical Group N race cars were, even the Group N cars that had uprights designed to be lower.  Not ours, ours will be low even with huge tires.
This is our Genesis Technologies blade style swaybar adjuster.  It can easily be converted to driver adjustable and it can be adjusted with a single allen bolt for quick changes in the pits.  The blade flexes when horizontal to the ground making the bar soft.  A short blade like this means that we can get away with a thinner wall and lighter swaybar!
The blade adjuster from the top.  This would be the maximum soft position. The bar rides on Delrin bushings that Gary made on his cute little lathe.


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